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Ceramic knives are made of zirconium dioxide, which is a very hard stone next to diamond. There is no need to sharpen these knives since it retains ultra sharpness much longer than steel knives. It does not tarnish or rust and is light weighted. However, these knives are brittle and may break if dropped on a hard surface.


Kyocera Ceramic Santoku Pink Knife is 5.5 Inch and has a razor sharp edge. The ceramic blades are light weight, moisture-resistant and retain their sharpness 10 times longer than the standard steel knives. For every purchase $5 is donated to Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

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Pink Newport Collection 6″ Ceramic Chef Knife has a non-metallic ceramic blade that will never rust. It has a razor sharp blade that makes the slicing and cutting jobs easy. It is light weight and has a comfortable handle. The razor sharp blade will retain sharpness over time than a standard steel blade.

If you want 4″ knife, then Click here for Newport Collection 4″ Ceramic Paring Knife.



Laguna Collection 4-Inch Paring Pink Ceramic Knife has a razor-sharp ceramic blade that makes the slicing job a breeze. The ceramic blade remains sharper even longer than a steel blade due to it’s zirconium oxide material which is the second hardest stone next to diamond. The advantage of ceramic blade is it doesn’t retain food odor and will not tarnish or rust! The knife has a 4-1/2 inch pink light weight ABS handle for a comfortable grip. Additionally, for safety reasons, the blade has a rounded point design. This knife comes neatly packaged in a wooden box.



Laguna Collection Pink 6 Inch Chef Ceramic Knife has a ceramic blade which is more sharper than a steel blade. The blade does not tarnish or rust and will not transfer food odor. The knife has a 5.35 inch pink ABS handle which is light weighted and comfortable to hold. The blade has a rounded point design for safety reasons. This knife is also available in other colors.



Pearl Ceramic Pink Chef Knife 6-1/4 Inch has an ultra sharp ceramic blade which retains sharpness longer than a steel blade. It has a light weight and a comfortable grip handle. The advantage of this knife is it doesn’t rust, has non-stick ceramic surface, doesn’t corrode from acids or oils in fruits and vegetables, and does not transfer metal ions to food. This knife is dishwasher safe.



The set comes with Kyocera Revolution Series 5-1/2-Inch Pink Santoku Knife and Pink Y Peeler. The knife has a ceramic blade which has an excellent sharpness retention. It doesn’t rust or tarnish. It has a light weight ergonomic handles to reduce fatigue while cutting. The knife should only be hand washed whereas, the peeler is dishwasher safe. Upon purchasing this item $5 is donated to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.



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