Best Stand Mixer – Kitchenaid Artisan 5 Quart Stand Mixer

Kitchenaid 5 qt Artisan Stand Mixer PinkA stand mixer is a must-have kitchen appliance for any household cooks/bakers. Kitchenaid makes the best stand mixers and is a widely recognized brand since 1919. Kitchenaid stand mixer series is notable for offering variety of color choices, beauty and functionality.

The kitchenaid offers various stand mixer series and among them I consider artisan series the best. But how do you know whether it will be best for you too? The following are the questions and features that will help you determine it.

What you will use the stand mixer for?

If you want to make cookies, pies and cakes regularly or on occasion or want to quickly whip egg whites, mix batters and knead dough hands free then the Kitchenaid artisan 5 quart stand mixer is the ideal kitchen appliance for you.

So, what’s to like in the Kitchenaid artisan 5 quart stand mixer?

1. Looks:

The mixer is aesthetically pleasing and you will never regret the space it takes on your kitchen countertop.

2. Color:

Kitchenaid offers amazing range of 30 colors to choose from. So you will have no problem picking your favourite color as well as choosing the right color that matches your kitchen decor. I personally like the pink color.

3. Variety of attachments:

There are variety of attachments that you can add to this stand mixer. So, it’s not just a stand mixer, it’s also a wide variety of kitchen appliances – ice cream maker, pasta maker, can opener, citrus juicer, sausage maker, grind mill… you name it and it transforms into one!

4. Makes your job easier:

If you have been using the hand mixer for years now, you know how difficult and tedious it is to stand and hold the hand mixer throughout the whole dough kneading process. In that case, a stand mixer is a major helper assisting you with hands-free kneading. And there are many instances where this nifty stand mixer will come to your rescue and make your life so much easier. Maybe you will even wonder why you didn’t get this one sooner. To know in great detail about the mixer, read my full review of Kitchenaid artisan 5 quart stand mixer.

Besides, this mixer is easy to use and clean as well and it will really make you obsessed with cooking/baking because it makes baking both easy and fun!

These are the reasons why I find this is the best stand mixer for me. Not only me but this mixer has received many rave reviews from consumers on Amazon with over 1550 “5” star ratings!

Read my Kitchenaid artisan 5 quart stand mixer review to get to know more amazing features of this mixer.

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