Top 5 Baking Tips For Beginners

Are you absolutely new to baking and want to make homemade baked goods? The following are the tips to get you started in baking.

1. Gather all the right equipments and utensils

When you are first starting out in baking it is just necessary for you to have basic baking utensils and equipments. You can always expand your collection later.

Some of the basic baking utensils and equipments you may need depending on the recipe you’re making are:

1. Bakeware set – The set usually comes with cake pans, muffin pan, pizza pan, meat loaf pan, cookie sheet, and cooling racks.



2. Mixing bowls of several sizes.



3. Measuring equipment – measuring spoons, dry measuring cups and a liquid measuring cup.



4. Hand mixer or Stand mixer – An handheld mixer is best for beginners however, they can’t handle certain tasks like kneading heavy dough. Whereas, a stand mixer does all the job for you both easier and quicker. A Kitchenaid artisan stand mixer is the best stand mixer for beginners.



5. Spoons, whisk, spatula



6. cookie cutters



7. Rolling pin



8. Cutting board



9. Cake knives



10. And of course, Oven



Besides this, you may also need Flour sifters, Digital weighing scale and Oven thermometer.



2. Choose easy recipes first

If you are a beginner, it is wise to choose the easy recipes first. Because it is easier to start with few ingredients, equipments and utensils.



3. Make sure you have all the ingredients ready

Have all the ingredients ready beforehand. It is best to arrange them on your kitchen countertop for easy access while you are in the baking process. Also check the expiry dates of your ingredients.

4. Follow the recipe instructions correctly

Follow the recipe instructions correctly as directed. Mixing, measuring, time and temperature stated are the key to successful baking. If you don’t understand something in your receipe instruction there are many sources on the internet where you can reach out for help – Youtube, baking forums or communities, Q/A sites, or just type your doubts in google.

5. Do not lose hope if you failed at your first baking attempt

Baking is an art. So it is natural to make mistakes. Even professional bakers sometimes make mistakes. So do not lose your hope or get frustrated if your first baking attempt turns into a disaster. It serves as a best learning experience. And more importantly, do not bother about the wasted stuff.

Or else, for the starters, you can buy premixes as the failure rate is low and also helps to gain baking confidence.

If you have a passion, patience and enough practice baking is definitely easy to learn and master.


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